Monday, June 30, 2008

My Cool Job

For those of you who don't know, I have a sweet job working outdoors. Pay attention to the following picture because it shows clearly just how great my job is.

In case the picture didn't make things clear, I will list what you should have taken from it.

1. I get to wear a cowboy hat! I've always wanted a good excuse to wear one and someone at work said I look like Kevin Bacon from the movie Tremors. I'm pretty sure he is a good looking guy. What do you think?

2. I can catch lizards on my lunch break whenever I want. The lizard in the picture is a long-nosed leopard lizard. He caught me at the same time I caught him.

3. No one cares how you dress at work. Check out my shirt. Lindsey thinks it's hideous but it really doesn't matter because when you are in the middle of no where looks don't matter.

There are really a million reasons why my job is cool and these are just a few of the highlights.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Financial Fascist

So this post is going to reveal something about me that most people don't who needs a tag to spill their quirks...I do it willingly. Tingling Touches Forever!
Anyways, so I don't think that I have ever mentioned that my husband is a member of a very private club called "The Financial Fascists". It consists of he and my sister Heidi's husband and was formed in response to social pressures.
What are the Financial Fascists? Click here to find out (my amazingly talented sister has already blogged about this so I will just borrow her explanation):

Anyways, it reared its head today and I think pictures can only do justice to how this club membership is helping our family.

A few weeks ago, I told Jordan that I thought it would be fun to get an inflatable small kiddie pool for Jack. Well, he nixed that idea because who needs one of those fun toys when you can use this:
Yes, if you are wondering, that is an inflatable raft that Jordan uses when he goes fishing to get him out in the middle of the reservoir. Jack actually loved the one-on-one time with his dad. And since the raft is sooo small it is easy to fill with warmer water!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Carl B and Earl the Pearl!

Jordan and I are lucky to have two of the greatest dads in the whole world. I can't think of two people that are more relaxed and easy going than Super C and Big E! This weekend we went down to Vegas and were able to spend time with both. In true blog fashion- I must write a tribute to Carl B and Jordy is going to hop on and write an ode to Earl.

Why we love Carl Bert:

1. With a middle name like Bert, what isn't there to love.

2. He is always easy to talk in to a Luv-its Custard run.

3. He has dancing skills like no one has seen and Dance off parties wouldn't be the same without his Cabbage Patch.

4. I have never heard him raise his voice in anger once... and I know that I probably deserved worse many times.

5. Carl B has passed on to me his love for shopping and he frequently coordinates Marilyn's latest looks.

6. I have never met anyone who makes silence as comfortable as him... and I should know after 3+ years of riding to work with him everyday.

7. I never feel guilty taking naps around my Dad because he usually is right there beside me.

8. He makes a mean pie and delicious cinnamon rolls (which he made for my birthday every year that I was home).

9. Carl B is funny and quirky!

10. I have never seen my Dad pass a bum on the street and not roll down the window and give him a buck or two.

We love Carl B and can't think of a better Dad and Father-in-Law!

Why we love Earl:

1. He knows how to make people feel comfortable and is great company.

2. My friends love him for his shark attack shirt that he always wears to the lake with the ripped-open sides for extra affect.

3. He is the most patient person I know.

4. He knows how to show people a good time. A lot of people that wouldn't have had the opportunity otherwise, learned how to ski behind his boat or snowboard while staying the night at his condo.

5. He was always quick to forgive and forget the stupid things I did growing up.

6. I love my dad because he takes advantage of every fun opportunity. Only he would enter a sail boat competition while on a cruise and actually win it!

7. He shows excitement in the things I'm interested in and its because of his taking an interest in me that I've been able to do great things. Most of my favorite hobbies that I participate in I've excelled at because my dad has been there encouraging me to take part in them and enjoy life.

8. My dad is even nice to people that solicit things over the phone.

9. I think my dad is the last living person to still ride a disk at the lake. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a round piece of wood that allows you to spin on the water--he is a master diskman.

10. I love my dad because he drinks his milk with ice and without fail always follows it with Oreo cookies.

Monday, June 9, 2008

When Living in Pairs gets tricky

It gets really tricky when your husband leaves for 4 days on a business/camping trip and takes the toothpaste and floss.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

One of those "I never will do this" moments

Do you ever have those things that you say you will never do when you are a mom? Like I will never take naked diaper baby pictures of my children. Well here is a naked diaper picture because well, I do that. Over Memorial Day weekend we went to Lake Powell with Jordan's family and had a wonderful time except for some rainy weather and a visit from the park rangers. But we did snap a few pictures and here is Jack's latest physique.