Sunday, April 20, 2008

Girls Retreat

All the sisters and sisters-in-law get together once a year (at least) for what we call our girls retreat. It is supposed to be a week of just girls and no babies, but we have yet to make that happen and we are still holding it in Vegas, but with high hopes to eventually move it all over the U.S. Jordan and I reached a nice compromise. I had Jack for Thursday night and Friday, and then he took Jack for the remainder of the weekend up to his parents house. Unfortunately, he also took the these are mainly pictures of Jordan and Jack's retreat. I am waiting for my Dad to send me pictures of our weekend!Jordan loved Girls Retreat because he was able to spend Friday morning out on the river fishing with his Dad.
Jack loved Girls Retreat because he was able to spend his weekend with Grandma Alesa! He enjoyed being with Grandma Alesa so much that he even learned how to roll over while he was at her house.
My retreat was spent getting a pedicure, eating out at Cheesecake Factory and Maggiano's, going to the show Mystere on the strip, doing yoga with Ginnie, staying up late and chatting with my sisters, and laying out by the pool and receiving a terrible sun burn that was spotted and has left me with terrible tan lines! I loved being with my sisters and can't wait till next year.
And we hope that Janene will be able to make it.