Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wow. I need to try and catch up here. Well, we made it to a family reunion/my mom's 60th birthday celebration in Ashland, OR. We stayed up on a mountain in a small trailer (AKA scooner) at Howard Prairie. One of the great things that came out of that experience was that I learned our whole family could sleep in a one bedroom trailer if needs be. Not an ideal situation in my eyes but possible. Highlights: Jack learned how to cast a fishing pole, Jack threw up all over Jude and Ezra while on the trailer bed (Jude was irate!), we made it to the Ashland 4th of July parade and watched the jets fly over from the field in the back of Aunt Fern's backyard, we made it up on the hill where we visited my mom's relatives who live entirely off the grid (my dream), and we got to surprise my mom with a birthday celebration.

 Here is a picture of the trailer we lived in for 3 days. More impressive was the forest we got to explore.
 Grampa teaching Jack to cast. Funny, he never actually casted into the water. He just tied pine cones on to his line and did some land casting. Didn't matter. He still loved it.
 This is my mom's Uncle Billy. He has been in Ashland forever where he drove truck hauling trees. He was also a jockey at one point in his life! He is a great representation of all the fun people that make up my mom's side of the family--especially those still living in Oregon.
 Here is our new little home. We finally moved in and I think we have officially closed (Not sure. Should probably know that detail but things got complicated). Anyway, it is good to be in a home and out of student family housing. We had forgotten the difference a garbage disposal makes, along with a washer and drier that are actually under your roof. Having more than one toilet is also a major bonus. As for me, I think the first time I got to mow the lawn made me feel like I had accomplished everything I needed to accomplish in life.
 Here is the hill I had put in the backyard. I tried to have it "tucked" back in the corner as much as possible. Couldn't resist putting it in. Our builder was excavating the lot next to us and I basically had him move one of his piles of dirt into our backyard. Will be a huge pain in the butt if we ever decide to get rid of it but the boys enjoy it for now.
Ezra turned 1 on the 9th! He is already walking which makes him our earliest walker. He has a "farmers tan" where his arms bunch up from his chubbyness, and he is very vocal when trying to get what he wants or does not want (Like when I steam rolled him on the tramp today). All around, he has been a huge blessing in our lives. For those who don't know, Lindsey and I said we weren't going to have a baby while in grad school. Then Lindsey got the impression that our plan was all wrong and along came Ezra. We are so glad he is with us!

Well, those were a few highlights from the last few weeks. I left out about a million awesome memories, so I'll try and be more diligent with my posting.