Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

I know a lot of people can't help but think about the weather when we mention Minneapolis, so here is the weather report. Saturday Minneapolis was hit with a huge snow storm. From what I gathered, they haven't seen a storm like this since 1854. As a result, the Metrodome stadium collapsed, UofM shut down, and our church was cancelled. But the most interesting part has been watching the ongoing circus in our parking lot. We have a great view and have watched our neighbors all day as they attempted to free their cars (see pic below).
This in my friends bike. Snow depth varied with location.
This all came down in one day.

This is what people were dealing with in the parking lot. What most people did was move the snow behind their own cars to the adjacent cars, leaving some with twice as much snow to shovel.

This is Jude getting into Christmas. I swear he did this to himself.
Jack was also excited to be a Christmas tree. This year he is getting into Christmas and has asked for a Handy Manny motorcycle.

These kids don't last long outside, but it has been below 20 degrees consistently for the past few weeks.