Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had family up in Salt Lake for Memorial Day Weekend. Every time I get together with my family, it makes me more nervous for the big move to Minnesota. Jack has finally gotten to the age where he really enjoys his cousins.
Visiting Grandpa Leland's grave with my grandmother, mom, and my sisters (minus one).
Jack and Parker were fast friends and they really played well together. Contrary to the look of what might appear to be pain on Jack's face, this is actually his "cheese" face.
Jude was in heaven because every day would find us at a park somewhere. He is really starting to climb and show signs of walking.

If there is one thing I love (aside from candy corn) it is M&M's. Lucky for Jack, I have passed this love on to him. He knows that I am a sucker for M&M's so he gets them probably more than he should.

Here are all the cousins, plus one random neighborhood boy (sitting to the right of Jude). We spent a lot of time at the park and the kids had so much fun.

Jack and Jude love to play hide and seek in our bathroom cupboards, which are slowly being boxed up and emptied as we try to pack up for the move.

Jack has become quite the little puzzler. He loves to complete puzzles and was really excited because he has moved into do large 25 piece puzzles.

Jude's true love: swinging!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Fam

We had a friend take some family pictures for us recently and I thought I would upload just a few. I have a ton more that I love, but honestly I am too lazy to sift through all the thumbnails and find the ones I love the most because she did a good job. This is just where the boys are at right now.