Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just Moved

I want to update everyone on our move out to Minneapolis (this is Jordan by the way). We have been in the city for a couple weeks now and are adjusting to the new home. It took a while to get our things from the moving company but they finally delivered them. My parents came out for the first few days and were a tremendous help. All of the LDS members in our complex have also made it easier to adjust to the big move; every time we go outside with the boys to play, we bump into another LDS family that wants to get to know us and help us.

All right. Here are a few pictures from a Lake Powell trip we took before we came out here. We had such a great time. Jack and Jude were surprisingly very content just walking up and down the houseboat. They also loved swimming, fishing, and playing on the beach. Lindsey was able to make it through the trip without any more concussions from wakeboard falls. And I got to take a few runs behind a competition wakeboard boat brought out by the scout master from my Mom and Dad's home ward. Oh yeah, did I mention he also brought the entire scout troop out. Surprisingly, they were really fun kids and we all had a good time. Most importantly, we had a nice, relaxing time with family before we moved to MN.