Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Reunion

This past week was filled with a family reunion, Courtney and Drew's birthday party, and a trip to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. I love when family comes in town even though it throws a loop in Jack's schedule, but it is a loop well worth it. Once again, I will just let pictures tell the story.

We celebrated Courtney and Drew's birthday up at Heather and Trent's on Saturday evening. Everyone loved the cake, and Drew's favorite present was his new set of golf clubs. He is excited because they are real golf clubs not some plastic crap that aren't good enough for this little three year old. He has to have the real deal!

The Wright boys get to play the Wii every night for an hour before bed and so Carl B and I went head-to-head in an intense challenge of Dance Dance Revolution- which we both failed miserably.
Jordy and Ivy were reunited this past week! Jordan was so excited to see Heidi and her kids. He and Ivy are special little buddies. They will call each other every so often and talk for at least 10 minutes about who knows what. Ivy usually inquires after Baby Jack and then Jordan will ask about swim lessons and then Ivy will ask about Jordan's job and they go on and on forever. It is really actually cute, and you would never guess that there was an age gap of 19 years.

I love getting together with my sisters! This was our trip to the farm. Luckily for us the child-to-adult ratio was even!

Jack Jordan really thought the farm was fun too. Although his favorite part was crawling around in the grass. He did go on a pony ride but I think he still preferred the freedom of crawling to even that.
Courtney and Spencer were locked up in the farm county jail for misbehavior on several counts.
Jack and his cousin Jake at the Poulton family Reunion. We went to my Dad's family reunion up in Vivien Park on Saturday. It was fun to see all of our extended family and it didn't seem like we had enough time to visit with everyone. Jordan did enter the golf tournament this year with my Dad and they took third place! Yaa hoo for Jordy! (It was a scramble and they always took the best ball--- so they used Jordy's a few times)
Jordan brought his fishing gear to Vivien so that the little kids could fish and Spencer caught a fish! It was the only catch of the day, but the kids seemed to enjoy fishing despite the lack of bites.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I love this Kid

Since Jack has learned to crawl it has been a little crazy around the house. I love this little boy and couldn't help but post some of his latest pictures. He has become a daddy's boy lately and anytime Jordan is around I don't even try to separate them.

This was my sweet laundry surprise that Jordy brought home for me!

This was Jack's first and last sink bath. He is way too wiggly and slippery to have a sink bath. Plus he was trying to crawl out every time we let go of him for just a second. Also that is my new haircut that I got while we were in Vegas for the 4th of July!

I am obsessed with this little boy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I missed the opportunity to do a patriotic 4th of July post but let me take a moment to relish in one of my new found freedoms. Yes it is official! After 9 months I have officially weaned myself off of my pump. I have said goodbye to the "D"s and said hello to my barely "B"s again. It is wonderful! I feel like a liberated woman.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

It Begins

Jack crawls! Today I was folding laundry and Jack was just playing on the floor rolling around and sitting up and then rolling around some more. Well all of the sudden he is in the kitchen and then he is in the bathroom, and then he is in the spare bedroom. I wasn't prepared for this. But we are excited all the same. He kind of mixes the traditional crawling with army crawling and likes to switch it up. Such versatility... I am sure it means he is a genius...hmm.