Monday, April 26, 2010

The Big Day

Graduation has finally come- or almost for me anyways. Jordan finished up his major this semester and I have one more class to take during Spring semester and then I will be finished. So I was able to walk with Jordan even though I haven't completely finished my coursework.
Both Jordan's parents and my parents came up for the graduation. Jack came to the ceremony but we opted to keep Jude home with a babysitter so he could get a good nap. Everything went well except for the pouring rain outside.
In addition to the excitement of graduation, Jordan has been accepted to University of Minnesota's Masters of Healthcare Administration program. He is really excited because this was his first choice. I am still trying to cope with the prospect of single-digit winters, but two years isn't that long. Jack is excited for the move to Minneapolis because his Dad has been pumping him up. We will finally be leaving Provo, and I thought that I would be so excited when the day finally arrived that we left, but the faster it approaches the more anxious and nervous I become. We are just really proud of Jordan's hard work and can't wait for the next adventure.
PS- I feel like I neglected Jude in this here he is swimming in Vegas!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Plus a Few More

This Easter was our first true induction into the Easter Egg Hunt tradition, since Jack is finally old enough to understand the thrill of the hunt. Although, he does not really see the value in gathering a large quantity of eggs. We had an egg hunt with the other children in our complex in between conference sessions. It was really fun and the weather was nice enough thankfully.
Jude had his own patch of grass designated for little babies and he was the only one that could hunt there, but he didn't even move from that spot. He just watched all of the kids run around and gather eggs.
Jack and his friend Bryson prior to the beginning of the egg hunt.

Jude is 11 months now and can crawl anywhere he wants and create messes right alongside Jack. He is starting to cruise along things but he is still a ways from walking.

Jack got this awesome baker ensemble from his Grandma Alesa for Christmas and his preferred cooking style is in the nude. Every so often he puts on all of the garb and I can't help but laugh.
Anyways- Jordan is in the middle of interviewing for Masters of Healthcare Administration Programs. Hopefully everything goes well and we get into a program for next fall. I am still working on my undergrad and hope to be done at the end of June. 10 years later BYU will finally be rid of me. I am sure they are glad to get my outlier stats out of their system. 10 years to finish an undergrad probably doesn't help their stats.