Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lake Powell

We had another fun time at Lake Powell. It was just my parents and our family, but that's about all we could pull off with little Jack and Jude. Thank you Mom for waking up and feeding Jude at night even when there were bats flying around in the houseboat. Thanks Dad for all the wakeboard runs.
Lindsey, Jack, and I slept on top of the houseboat under the stars each night in our two man (or two adults and a toddler) sleeping bag. Jack, of course, was all over the place and made things interesting.
My Dad and I had a blast waking up to fish the stripper boils.Jack playing on the beach with Lindsey.
Jack is already showing signs of having some serious wakeboarding skills.

This is a classic "I've been out on the lake to long" look.

My Dad taking care of Jude in his famous shark attack shirt that he has been wearing to the lake for the past who knows how long.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I hate suckers!

A couple of days ago I (Jordan) took Jack to be immunized. This time was a little more tricky because he is more aware of what is going on, and I always hate to see him get stuck with a needle. But we planned to stop by 7 eleven afterwards, and he was the one that was going to pick out the treat. So we go in the store and I show him the candy aisle, the hotdogs, and slurpees. Hoping he would pick something that wouldn't completely rot out his teeth--I have nightmares about him being strapped down at the dentist office--it was time for the moment of truth. What did he pick? Jack couldn't help but hone in on the strategically placed, everlasting gobstopper sucker that stuck out like a sore thumb by the cash register. Are those things secretly produced by dentists that need more patients? And who knew they cost two plus dollars? So we bought it and I chucked it in the garbage as soon as he lost interest in it. Next time I'm spending a quarter on him and buying him a tootsie roll. This experience goes down as another lesson learned the hard way with the first child.
p.s. this post is dedicated to my blog nazi friends. You know who you are:)