Sunday, September 9, 2012

Everything is peachy in Fargo. Jack started preschool this past week. He found his CTR ring right before he was about to leave and insisted on wearing it so he could choose the right. He then met a friend at school and assured him that he would recognize him when he came back the following day because he'd be wearing the same ring.

We've started the money thing with Jack and Jude. They now get paid to do certain chores on Saturday. We also started a "business" where they sell small loaves of bread to neighbors. We had two loaves to sell last time we went out (we've actually only done this once) and the first guy we talked to bought both loaves. I hope a dollar a loaf wasn't to steep? Anyway, Jack and Jude were super excited. As soon as the transaction was complete, Jack said, "Sweet!!!!".

With money now flowing into their pockets, we've made a few trips to Wal-mart. Of course, they haven't earned that much money, but Grandma Ohlson provides installments of generous amounts of cash from time to time. With that, Jude has blown all his money and probably doesn't realize he will have to save for the next 5 years in order to buy the $200 train set that he wants. Jack is a little more careful with his money. He wants to make sure he still has a stash but his is going pretty fast as well.

Ezra was attached to my hip this weekend except for the 6 minutes that I was taking a shower on Saturday. Even during that, he stood outside the bathroom and pounded on the door until I came out. He has "viper like" striking power which allows him to rip my glasses off before I can react, only to then throw them on the ground and smile. If he could have it his way, he'd stay in the bathroom and splash his hand around in the toilet. Then, he'd eat the roll of toilet paper!

Lindsey has been very busy with her calling as the young women's president. I think the fact that we talk about her young women as much as we talk about our boys means that she is doing a good job. Never did I think we'd get wrapped up in the things that teenagers deal with so early in our marriage. Hopefully this will mean that we are that much more prepared when Jack, Jude, and Ezra get to that stage. The young women are lucky to have Lindsey.

I actually just left this post to go help Jude. He was calling out for help because he woke up and had to use the bathroom. I sat him on the toilet but he wasn't quick enough to "tuck it down". So, he shot pee all over the wall. I said, "Wow, Jude. You just shot pee all over the wall". He then said, "Yeah. That's why they call it a fire blast".
Jack is loving the skateboard. He was really proud of himself when he figured out how to roll down the driveway standing up.

Here is my partner in crime. He is sweet, soft, and squishy, but Lindsey and I work hard to keep him from pulling the boys hair. He also likes to pick up hard objects and pound them on Jack and Jude's head; he can usually get in about 5 good whacks before we can stop him.
 Lindsey's parents were in town and they helped us discover our local pond. We headed over there one day and ran into our neighbors who were out rollerblading. They probably wished they hadn't seen us because their kids ditched the roller blades and ended up in the smelly pond with ours.
With a source of income, Jack and Jude have been able to pay tithing. I think they'd pay more so long as the bishop continues to give them candy after church.

Lindsey dug this picture out for a lesson she taught the young women. The topic was on dating, so here we are. This picture shows me as a Jr. and Lindsey as a Senior in high school. Say what you want but it should no longer be a mystery as to why she was so in love with me!