Sunday, March 25, 2012

It has been a while

I almost didn't post tonight because it has been so long since the last post and I assumed just let this blog die. But, I figured I'd take a shot at getting back into this and post a few picks. Quick update: I graduate in May and will be starting a job in Fargo, ND. Lindsey has hopefully found us a house and we are excited about picking up the ND accent.

Jack is 4 and has started soccer classes at the YMCA. He loves green, riding his bike, wrestling with Jude, and he always is saying "excuse me".

Lindsey left town to go check out Fargo so it was just me and the boys. We busted out the skateboards while she was gone. I couldn't talk Jude into standing up but he like to ride on his belly.

This is our first time bowling as a family of 5. We went with the Nelsons because Erik N. has his own bowling ball which he calls "red furry" and is known as "white trash" on the lanes. They are also one of our favorite families to hang out.

Here are the three boys. Ezra is a chunk and will probably surpass Jude soon in body weight. He is 7 months here and has just started getting into solid foods. Jude has started potty training and hasn't had an accident in three days! Jack is one of the sweetest kids you'll ever meet. He has been praying for one of my classmates who broke his collar bone, and he takes great care of all of us.