Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jack is now 5! His birthday was officially today but we celebrated it on Friday with our neighbors. To complicate the matter, we gave him his big present (the Lego airport set!!!!) on Thursday. Let me just say that Lindsey and I can be real pushovers at times.

Jack is an amazing child. He is very obedient and does a great job taking care of his younger brothers. A great example of his character is how he watched out for Jude at our last church activity. We were at a park and there were a million kids running around. As it often turns out, Jack had a friend that wanted to play with him and Jude was tagging along. I explained to Jack that he needed to take care of Jude and make sure he was included. Later, I noticed them all running around on the playground. Jack couldn't keep up with his friend because he was going out of his way to help Jude who was trying to keep up with his older brother. Jack would help him climb up where he couldn't get up on his own, or he'd simply wait, shouting encouragement to Jude who wasn't quit fast enough. Jack is amazing!

Jack loves food and he reminded us of that as we were pulling homemade bread out of the oven. The bread was coming out of the oven just as Jack and Jude were supposed to be going to bed. That's when the begging and pleading started from Jack; he just had to have some bread before he went to bed. So, since Lindsey and I are pushovers (starting to become the theme of this post), we let Jack and Jude get their fix.

It looks like they both have jam on their bread but if that were the case then Jude would be eating something normal, which wouldn't be right. No, Jack has jam and Jude had ketchup.

Our neighbor friend was so nice to take us out harvesting. In Fargo, there are fields dispersed all throughout the city and surrounding area. Since our friend was harvesting nearby, we took him up on his offer to harvest some corn. For those who are wondering, I think the only major crop left to harvest around here are the sugar beats. Was anyone wondering that?
We went down to Minneapolis a few weeks ago to visit the Nelsons and other COMO people. One of our "to-do" items while in the cities was to go to Costco. That's right. What else would you do while visiting friends.
This picture is of Jack and Darla "reconnecting" in the shopping cart. It was good to see the two love birds together again.

Remember when I mentioned Jude's weird eating habits. Well, he also doesn't like the way lots of foods smell. It only took about a minute of his yelling that dinner "stunk" for us to find him an alternative eating arrangement out in the back yard. He was actually happy to eat out there, but the wind kicked up and he came back inside.  
The next night Jude decided he would eat in the pantry which is behind the pictured door. Lindsey and I couldn't help but laugh as we listened to his silverware clank against his dinner dish. Surprisingly, that was about all we heard from him during dinner.

It has been a a couple weeks since I took these pictures of Jude at dinner and I'm happy to say that he has joined us back at the dinner table.
Jude is our funny man. He loves playing tricks with his underwear and coming up with funny jokes. His favorite jokes are "knock knock" jokes. The best part of his joke telling is that he is the one who is always laughing the most.

Fall is here and so we had to hit up the fall celebration at a local park. Jude's favorite activity was this barrel ride. Jack's was buying and carving pumpkins. Ezra liked talking to the ducks.

 Ezra picked this pumpkin up over his head because he is the worlds strongest baby.

If you can't see Ezra's eyeballs it's because he inherited Lindsey's eyes. I watched Ezra today run from one end of the room to another, only to headbutt Jude in the stomach. I guess what goes around comes around.


Brittany H. said...

Ew, Jude! I hate ketchup--what a funny kid!

JenErik said...

Jude, will you call me sometime and tell me knock knock jokes please.
Love, Jenny

melissa said...

I love it. All of it. Happy belated mr jack. you're still abe's best friend. lindsey, you have beautiful eyes! jude, i love ketchup - just ask nate, but on freshly baked bread??? that's pushing it.

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Emily Paldaviciute said...

awww he is so cute :)

Lucy In The Sky said...

Happy Belated birthday jack, you all look like you had so much fun! Ezra is just the cutest little thing!